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Prevent razor bumps and fight ingrown hairs with this iconic Bikini Care Oil. An all natural blend of plant-based carrier oils and bikini-friendly essential oils help keep skin moisturized and soothed, creating a healthy environment for hairs to regrow after waxing or shaving! BONUS: It smells AMAZING!

It’s call Bikini Care Oil, but it can really be used anywhere! I find it especially soothing on patches of eczema, itchy / flaky scalp, And guys love it after shaving their face!

SMG Bikini Care Oil (2oz)

  • Apply a few drops to cleansed skin morning and night - I like to do it after I’ve used my scrub in the shower! Formulated specifically for the bikini area or anywhere that's prone to ingrown hairs, BUT it is perfectly safe to use on the entire body. A little goes a long way for any soothing you need! HINT: Apply to damp skin for extra moisture.

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