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Must be 18 years old

A pre-wax consent form must be filled out & sent in (to be received in a text / email upon booking)

In order to hold any appointment you must provide a valid credit or debit card to place on file.

Don’t worry! You will not be charged at the time of booking


Mutual respect is encouraged at The Cheeky Peach.

To minimize potential no-shows or last minute cancellations that do not allow enough time to book another guest, a credit card is held on file for all new appointments. Your credit card is NOT charged unless the cancellation policy is not honored.

You will receive a 24 hour reminder. If you are unable to cancel within the 24 hour window,

you will be charged a fee of 25% of the service cost. 

It is understandable that unanticipated events happen, but all time is valuable. 


Unless you had a limb torn off, were in a shark attack, or your vagina fell off, please respectfully inform via phone call / text of a last minute cancellation to avoid being marked as a “no-show"

After a 10 minute grace period, the appointment will be canceled and marked as a “no show”, and you will be charged 100% of the service cost.

If you no-show more than twice in a row, you will no longer have access to booking.

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