This Pure Himalayan White Tea formula is clarifying and antiseptic, great for calming acne prone and flushed skin.


A hydrojelly mask forms a vacuum like seal, blanketing the skin, delivering rich nutrients and benefits to the masked area! They are great for cooling & soothing the skin post-wax, or before a night out for instant glow! Created to use all over the body. Esthemax Hydrojelly masks are formulated with alginate (aids in hydration) and clay (draws out oils and impurities from clogged pores) with no liquid or gel activators, making it as chemical free as it can be! Infused with electrolytes, mask comes in a dry powder form activated with water. 

Pure Himalayan White Tea HydroJelly Mask

  • Safe For All Skin Types: Specifically Good For;

    Sensitive Skin / Redness

    Acne / Blemish Prone

    Enlarged Pores

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